Aikido training

AIKIDO training

In the beginning, the aim of martial arts was to prepare a combatant to overcome his opponent at all costs, in other words, to survive a fight. Even though there was no assessment of judges, the winner was unmistakably known, and that was some kind of natural selection (for both the human species and the martial arts). As civilization developed, the cruel natural selection was replaced by no less cruel social selection. This change took its part in martial arts as well. Aikido is one of the youngest martial arts originated from Japan. As a way of self-defense it is exceptionally efficient against a single or a multitude of attackers – whether armed or unarmed. However, self-defense is just a minor part of this art. The way of practicing on trainings allows that, through miniature fights, initiative and advantage pass alternately from one practitioner to the other while respecting the basic principles of Aikido: non-resistance, moving off the line of attack, good distance, circular movement and harmony. Aikido is a martial art created at the end of social evolution, and, because of that, the aim of training is not a preparation for a fight, but a preparation for a better, healthier and harmonious life in today’s society. Much like other trainings, Aikido training consists of four connected wholes:


Summer aikido camp "Bajina Bašta 2014."