Marija MilosavljevićMarija Milosavljević, trainer in aikido clubs Centar and Eiki, has received her 2nd DAN black belt on the 23rd of December, 2012.

Marija did her exam infront of the exam commission of Aikikai Serbia, consisted of: Saša Obradović, 5th DAN,
Novak Jerkov, 5th DAN and Radivoje Janković, 4th DAN

The exam was part of the XII winter aikido seminar 2012.

Dear Friends, Teatrić Teatrić, a theater for children, is organizing an event intended for collecting Christmas presents for children from Zvečanska. On the New Year’s eve we make plans, make decisions, to be better, smarter and prettier. We invite you to come on Saturday 8.12. 2012 at 19h to the cafe Džidži Midži, Zdravka Čelara 6, and bring: a coloring book or, a picture book or, markers (crayons) or, book or, toy or, candy or all of the above :)

Seminar Prokuplje 01.12.2012.U Prokuplju, 01.12.2012. godine, održan je Jesenji aikido seminar koji je vodio gospodin Radivoje Janković, 4 dan, fukushidoin AFS. Na seminaru je učestvovalo oko 50 aikidoka iz Prokuplja, Pirota i Vlasotinca.

polaganje-pojas-270x180Aikido Clubs Center and Eiki are organizing a joint exam for learner belts in Belgrade. Preparations for the exams will be held daily.

Take a look at preparation times at AC Center and at AC Eiki...

ruski-sistem-struktura-telaTwo day seminar 24-25. November 2012.: Strength, flexibility, warrior spirit! The body moving freely and the psyche unburdened by fear. Working with makeshift tools, improvised weapons, using clothing while defending and attacking, problems of realistic situations, strategy and tactics of street figths.