Organized by the Belgrade Aikido Association, aikido clubs ''Centar'' and ''Karađorđe''

in Belgrade March 14th adn 15th 2015.



Instructor: Drago Bogdanović DAN 6



Saturday, March 14th 2015.

Training 1

1000 - 1200

Location: Olimpik, blvd. King Aleksandar 79, Belgrade

Training 2

1800 - 2000

A la carte dinner at 2100 in the restaurant at the club ''Pivnica Paulaner-Klub 4'', Baštovanska street, across Banjica mall


Sunday, March 15th 2015.

Training 1*

1000 - 1130

Location: Sports and recreation center Vračar, 1 Sjenička street, Belgrade

Training 2**

1130 - 1300

*first and the second kyu and DAN belts
** third kyu and lower ranks


Tax: 25 Euros in dinars on the payment day

 Application form:

1.e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Mobile SMS: +381 63 353 402, +381 63 3 11 117


Recommended accommodation:


- Lucy (, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the seminar.

- Madness (, which is in the city center, about 100m from the Trg Republike (Republic Square, one of the central town squares).

- The possibility of sleeping in the dojo: DojoMakoto, 224 Vojvode Stepe street, Belgrade (mandatory sleeping bag).


About the instructor:

Drago Bogdanović got involved in Aikido in 1971. in Belgrade Aikido Club Association for Physical Education and Recreation Partizan Dedinje, as a student of Jovica Stanojević. He is one of the pioneers of aikido in former Yugoslavia and one of the founders of "Belgrade Aikido society" which was the first organization in this area recognized by HombuDojo 1977.

At a seminar in Belgrade  in 1974. Drago Bogdanović  met Hiroshi Tada Sensei. That meeting had a great influence on his further aikido development. As he himself emphasized, his aikido skills are due to training in two aikido schools: Tada Sensei's 9. DAN and Fujimoto Sensei's 8. DAN. Ever since 1977. he is a regular participant of Tada Sensei's summer schools in Italy. He attended numerous Fujimoto Sensei's 7. DAN i Hosokawa Sensei's 7. DAN. seminars  In 1979.

In Belgrade he received his Shodan. from Fujimoto Sensei 7. DAN. Since 1984. he is in charge of  Association for Physical Education and Recreation ˝Partizan˝ Dedinje, untill 1992. when he moved to Italy for professional and personal reasons. A year later, as a part of Aikikai Italy -Japanese traditional culture association, he founded  Aikikai Brinaca and dojo in Bernareggio, in the vicinity of Milan.

During his eight year activity in Belgrade many aikidokas had the opportunity and honour to learn aikido from Drago and among them actual trainers of aikido clubs ˝Karađorđe˝, ˝Centar˝ i ˝Košava˝ Dejan Stamenković, Radivoje Janković and Aleksandar Zdravković who started to train and love aikido at his club.


Bogdanović Sensei's DAN awardings:

1. DAN, 1979, YojiFujimoto
2. DAN, 1981, YojiFujimoto
3. DAN, 1984, YojiFujimoto
4. DAN, 1991, YojiFujimoto
5. DAN, 2007, YojiFujimoto
6. DAN, 2013, Hiroshi Tada


Hiroshi Tada awarded a diploma to Drago Bogdanović for 6th DAN.

drago i_tada